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* This is a none-lvl board so you don't need to have god-like drawing skills to participate, but images were its clearly crap will be deleted, am not running a pic graveyard here people!.
* No absurd tasteless material ether in drawing or comment style is not appreciated.
* If you image falls under mature eg; bewbs, smexy scenes, general nakee people and so on and so forth then please USE the mature filter, it's a clickable option when your submitting your work.
* swearing is allowed but pages an pages of swearing is just a bit DAFT and you could be removed.
* Spamming or bullying of another user will result in a ban.
* When commenting on other peoples work have some, R.E.S.P.E.C.T, it aint just a song people.
* Pointless bickering can result in a 30 day ban.
* It's not a must but Please try and spend more than 20min on a peice.
* All in all this is a pretty easy going site and if treated with proper netiquette, we should all get along fine. If not and you incur the wrath of the admins you will be set upon by a mass of violently angry small mammals that will tear you limb from limb, and thats only the beginning.

~ CrimsonBlack, your friendly but violent administrator. ~